7 Website Design Features To Consider While Planning a Website


As an internet entrepreneur, your top priority must be own a great quality website. Your site is a direct reflection of your business. Designing a professional website to market will take a great deal of time and effort because there is a lot more to consider than just going online. You must take a more comprehensive look at the style or design of your website.


1. Professional Looking Website


You’ll want a professional-looking website. Your site is the most critical sales device you have. Your visitor’s first sight will almost instantly determine whether you’re going to make a sale or not. A professional website should be organized, good looking, and easy to navigate.


2. Design with SEO in mind


You must mainly design your website to get a high ranking in the Search Engines. It involves much more than merely including META tags. Your TITLE,  KEYWORDS, IMAGE ALT tags, Text, and general design play an essential role in determining how your site will rank. You can learn much more by studying SEO.


3. Display Testimonials


The website design needs to include an area to display testimonials. You will gain your visitors’ trust. Through displaying customer testimonials, you might be boosting your potential customer’s confidence within you and your product or service.


4. Give Contact Details


Let your visitors know who you are. Provide complete information regarding your company, such as phone, address, number, and e-mail addresses, to request info and support.


5. Privacy


Inform your visitors about their privacy. Develop a page on your website known as “Privacy Statement” and allow your visitors to know precisely what you do using the personal information you collect.


6. Demo

Provide a sample or demo of your product or service. Not just will this increase your product sales, but it will drive more visitors to your site as well.


7. Provide Guarantee


Take away the risk. To further increase your product sales, you must remove the threat by giving a guarantee. A guarantee will increase the potential customer’s confidence in purchasing your products or services.

An expert website specifically designed to sell is only one of the most critical factors in identifying your success. Take your time and before you begin to ensure you’re looking at the complete picture. If you’re not safe in your abilities to create your website, rather than risking your business, think about hiring a professional web designer. Your success will depend on it